MSR84 Temperature and Humidity Data Logger with Display

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Reusable PDF Data Logger for Temperature and Humidity, with Display

Compact temperature and humidity data logger, from the MSR BudgetLine range, with direct USB connection, Display and PDF reporting. Calibration certificate and software included.


Temperature and Humidity Transportation Data Logger with Display

The MSR84 is a reusable temperature and humidity PDF logger with integrated USB interface. The easy-to-use logger is ideal for monitoring the environmental conditions of storage warehouses or greenhouses as well as for cold chain temperature and humidity monitoring of transports.

The logger includes a built in LCD to display measured temperature, allowing current, minimum maximum and average values to be shown from the logged data.

Recorded measured data can easily be transferred to a PC using the USB interface. When the data logger is stopped, a PDF report is automatically generated, which can be saved or printed for documentation purposes.

The MSR84 is DIN12830 and 21 CFR 11 compliant and conform to the EU regulations for storage and transport of cooled and frozen goods, as well as those of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Product features temperature & humidity data logger MSR84:

  • -30...+70 °C temperature range
  • 0...98 % rel. humidity (-30...+70 °C) range 
  • life of the battery approx. 1 year, battery replaceable
  • automatic PDF report generation of recorded measured data
  • clear status and alarm LEDs
  • 6-point-calibration certificate stored on the logger
  • operating manual stored on the logger
  • free MSR BudgetLine software to configure the data logger on the PC
  • fast data transfer and straight forward assessment on the PC
  • free TLog Explorer software for further data analysis
Housing: PC, ABS Food Grade, IP54, not encapsulated
Size and Weight: 51 x 15 x 101 mm (W x H x L), approx. 52 g
Resolution: 0.1 °C
Memory capacity:
32 000 values (16 000 per canal)
Alarm: min./max. value, indication on LED
Type of battery:
3.0 V lithium battery (Panasonic CR2032)
Life of battery: approx. 1 year, battery replaceable
Interface: USB 2.0, A-Type
Further Data analysis:
by means of the free TLogExplorer software
Norms: DIN12830, 21 CFR Part 11


SensorMeasurement rangeAccuracyMeasuring/storage rate:
Temperature -30…+70 °C ±0.5 °C (-30…+70 °C) 1 min. up to 10 days
Humidity 0...98 % rel. humidity (-30...+70 °C) ±3 % rel. humidity 1 min. up to 10 days


Our PC software is scanned for viruses with Microsoft Defender.

PC requirements: Windows 10

  • For MSR BudgetLine data loggers with delivery date from 1.10.2021, the software is already on the logger, therefore software installation on the PC is no longer necessary.


  • MSR BudgetLine pc software (2020-08-14, v2.00.00, MD5: 9fc618fe62d943b55bb29235d7d24028) (only for data loggers with delivery date before 1.10.2021)


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