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MSR145WD wireless data logger · Bluetooth Low Energy · interchangeable FlexSensors · MSR SmartCloud · MSR DataLogger App

Wireless data logger with Bluetooth, for temperature, humidity, air pressure, fluid pressure, acceleration, strain gauges and more. Stores over 1 million measured values. Measured values can be retrieved at any time using the MSR DataLogger App on a smartphone or tablet. 

Product features Bluetooth Data Logger MSR145WD

General functions

  • Wireless data logger (Bluetooth Low Energy) for monitoring temperature, humidity, fluid pressure, air pressure, acceleration, strain gauges and more.
  • Internal sensors and up to five external sensors (see Configurator).
  • Flex-Connector for exchangeable sensors
  • More than 1 million measured values storage capacity in the internal memory
  • Free MSR PC software for commissioning and operation of the data logger

Bluetooth functions

  • Free MSR DataLogger App for mobile devices (from Android 4.4+, iPhone 4S+, iPad 3+)
  • BLE receiver box available as gateway
  • Data storage is guaranteed even if the transmitter fails
  • MSR SmartCloud: retrieve, analyse and export measured data online at any time; alarm message if limit value is exceeded

Technical data of the sensors, housings and batteries

Technical details can be found on the Configurator tab.

General technical data of the BLE Wireless Data Logger MSR145WD

Memory capacity: Over 1 000 000 measured values.
Key button:
With the button you can activate and deactivate the display, the BLE-module and the data recording.



Blue: Record indicator
Red: Alarm indicator
Yellow: Battery charge indicator

Power supply:

Lithium-polymer battery, rechargeable via the USB connection.

OLED display:

High-contrast, brilliant OLED (organic light-emitting diode) colour display to show data and graphical charts, resolution 96 x 64 pixels.

USB, Bluetooth Low Energy
Operation conditions:
Temperature: -20...+65 °C
Storage conditions:

Temperature: +5...+45 °C (ideal storage conditions for the battery)

Humidity: 10...95 % relative humidity, non-condensing

The MSR145WD complies with EU-Directives RoHS/WEEE.


Our software is scanned for viruses with Microsoft Defender.



Instruction manual





FAQ – frequently asked questions about MSR data loggers


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