Plug-in MSR FlexSensor, 4 Analogue Inputs

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MSR FlexSensor with 4 analogue inputs

Applications: For direct data acquisition on PC, notebook, single-board computer (additional USB FlexConnector required) or use with data logger MSR145WD, MSR145W2D (additional FlexConnector required).


MSR FlexSensor with 4 analogue inputs

  • Plug-in FlexSensor with 4 analogue inputs with freely selectable input configuration: 0…20 mA; 4…20 mA, 0…3.0V; 0…5.0V; 0….10.0V; 0…12.0V; 0…24.0V; 0…36.0V; 0...48.0V

  • Resolution: 12 Bit

  • IP 67
  • To connect the FlexSensor directly to a terminal device (PC, notebook, single-board computer), you need a USB FlexConnector

  • If you want to use the FlexSensor on the MSR145WD data logger or MSR145W2D data logger, it must be equipped with a FlexConnector


About MSR FlexSensors

MSR FlexSensors are extremely robust plug-in, interchangeable sensors. They offer you an efficient, cost-effective and flexible solution for a wide range of applications.

You can use the FlexSensor directly on the USB port of a PC, notebook or single-board computer (e.g. Raspberry Pi) using the USB FlexConnector, which can be ordered separately.

In addition to the direct connection, it is also possible to use FlexSensors with a compatible MSR data logger (MSR145WD, MSR145W2D), which is equipped with a FlexConnector plug connection. FlexSensors can also be connected to a measuring box.

Various solutions are available with the MSR FlexSoftware for configuring the FlexSensors, visualising the measured values and processing the sensor information.


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